by Ir. Hj. Shamil Hj. Abu Hassan

Professional Engineer Interview: An expert guide to a successful Application. Another quality product from DRB-HICOM University written by one of our faculty member who has been in various fields in engineering for more than 30 years. This book is dedicated to all engineers who are applying for professional Interview to finally obtain Professional Engineer Status. Engineers surely wont regret buying this book.

Engineers are the main pillars to the nation’s development. In Malaysia there are close to 300,000 engineers serving in various facets of the industry. Despite the large number of engineers, only a handful work towards Professional Engineer. This may have resulted from misconstrued belief that it is a daunting procedure.

“Ir. Hj. Shamil is a Professional Engineer with over 30 years experience in various aspects of engineering from design, manufacturing and system integration. Between us, in countless intellectual discourse, we share a common perspective on how engineers should continuously seek for knowledge and contribute to the society – and this book is the manifestation of his untiring dedication to the profession and development of future engineers.” Prof Dato’ Sr. Dr. Haji Omar Osman, Vice Chancellor DRB-HICOM University.

This book is loaded with easy-to-follow guides and intuitive examples that will assist and inspire all engineers to inherit valuable knowledge and strive for professionalism. The casual writing style, without compromising the depth of content, covers the whole process without leaving any stones unturned. This book should definitely be part of engineers’ collection as a valuable reference towards professional career development

The authors do understand it is a daunting journey. In the process of designing this book, he step into the candidates’ point of view in terms of their doubts and thoughts during the application process as much as possible based on his experience guiding previous candidates. This book has been written in such a way that structurally guides and motivates readers to progress further beyond their day-to-day job. He hope it will give the readers a clear direction to start doing rather than doubting and questioning the process of application.

If you do not start, you will never finish.  The authors have split the journey over seven chapters with supporting details in the appendices. Readers can prepare the required documents as you read this book.

The authors earnestly hope that Professional Engineer Interview: An expert guide to a successful application finds itself as a valuable source of information and offers useful assistance to eligible engineers who aspire to be Professional Engineers.

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