Master of Science in Technopreneurship

Programme Summary

Graduates will have an in-depth knowledge and necessary skills to start or/and to grow their own business at any stage of business life-cycle. This program also intended to equip graduates with entrepreneur thinking for their future careers.

Entry Requirement

A Bachelor’s degree (MQF Level 6) in Entrepreneurship, Business or related field with a minimum CGPA of 2.75 or its equivalent qualifications as accepted by the University’s Senate


Candidates with the above degree, with a CGPA of between 2.50 – 2.75 or its equivalent qualifications may be accepted, subject to the University’s rigorous internal assessment (may include tests, interviews or a portfolio presentation)


Candidates with the above degree, with a CGPA of lower than 2.50 or its equivalent qualifications may be accepted, subject to having a minimum of 5 years relevant working experience.

University’s Senate reserves the right to reject any application.

Program Structure (Mixed-Mode)

Mode of Study Full-time / Part-time
Duration of Study 1 year (3 semesters) for Full-time OR 2 years (5 semesters) for Part-time
Graduation’s Total Credit Hours 42

Programme Educational Objectives (PEO)

The objectives of the programme are to prepare individuals to be


PEO1 Knowledgeable and practically competent with the ability to critically evaluate theories and concepts of business in the field of technopreneurship.
PEO2 Effective in communication, social skills and demonstrate good leadership in an business environment.
PEO3 Capable to solve business or management problems innovatively, creatively and ethically through logical, professional and sustainable approach.
PEO4 Able to demonstrate technopreneurship skills and recognize the need of life-long learning for successful in business advancement.

Programme Learning Outcomes (PLO)

At the end of this programme, students should be able to

PLO1 Critically evaluate theories and concepts of technopreneurship.
PLO2 Apply technopreneurial practices in the decision making process in the business environment.
PLO3 Communicate effectively both in written and spoken form with internal and external stakeholders.
PLO4 Conduct research and produce a dissertation or businesses plan, which includes analyse market opportunities, develop a business model and strategy with minimal supervision and adhere to legal, ethical and professional practices.
PLO5 Demonstrate technopreneurial and leadership qualities through communicating and working effectively in a team.
PLO6 Interpret and present research findings using scientific and critical thinking skills that required in technopreneurial businesses.
PLO7 Demonstrate the skills and principles of lifelong learning in their academic and technopreneurial development.
PLO8 Conduct business in compliance with relevant national and international law, legislation, regulations, safety requirements, and professional standards.

Course Offering for Full-Time Students

Semester/ Year Offered Name of Course/ Module
Semester 1 Year 1 Developing New Business Models
Technology Innovation and Design
Advanced Research Methods
Entrepreneurship and Business Planning
Venture Capital Financing

Semester/ Year Offered Name of Course/ Module
Semester 2 Year 1 Accounting for New and Ongoing Ventures
Intellectual Property and Technology Evaluation and Commercialisation

Semester/ Year Offered Name of Course/ Module
Semester 2 & 3 Year 1 Dissertation

Career Prospect

  • Project Manager
  • Business Consultant
  • Business Development Manager
  • Business Advisor
  • Entrepreneurship Lecturer