Question: What are the entry qualification for admission into DRB-HICOM University?

Answer: International students should read the requirements for enrolment on the respective program page carefully and ensure all information is complete before you submit your application.

Question: What are the English proficiency requirement for the admission of international students into DRB-HICOM University?

Answer: International students are required to sit for TOEFL or IELTS prior to joining DRB-HICOM University. Please refer to the relevant program page for more details

Student Visa

Question: How do I apply for Student Visa?

Answer: Please refer to the ‘How To Apply’ guidelines to find out how you can apply for Student Visa.

Question: How long will it take to get a Visa Approval Letter (VAL)?

Answer: The processing time for VAL may require approximately 14 working days and the issuance of the VAL is entirely at the discretion of the Immigration Department. The Visa Approval Letter (VAL) is only valid for 6 months and students must register within the VAL validity period.


Question: What are the required payment to settle before coming to Malaysia?

Answer: All international students must settle the required fee of MYR 2830 (for Visa, Insurance and student processing fees) plus MYR 1500 for the Security Bond before coming to Malaysia.


Question: What documents do I need to bring along during registration?

Answer: The documents that you need to bring are:

– Original passport

– Offer letter from DRB-HICOM University

– Immigration Approval Letter

– Original and photocopies of academic transcripts and certificates


Question: How do I arrange for airport pick-up?

Answer: DRB-HICOM University will provide an airport pick-up when the international students have already confirmed the payment. International students or student’s agent should provide an information of the arrival time and flight information to the university representative approximately 7 days prior to the student’s arrival.

Question: How do I make reservations for accommodation?

Answer: DRB-HICOM University representative will assist students with regard to accommodation matters.


Question: What is the mode of payment for international students before arriving in Malaysia?

Answer: Payment from overseas can be made by online banking to our Bank Muamalat Malaysia account number 1211-0000-2197-18 and made payable to HICOM University College Sdn Bhd.