Diploma in Information Technology

Programme Summary

This programme aims to provide students with skills, knowledge and tools required to analyse business problems, design IT solutions and develop skills to manage business and technology.

Entry Requirement


Passed SPM with a minimum of three (3) credits including Mathematics or any equivalent qualification.


Passed STPM with a minimum Grade C (GP 2.00) in any subject or any equivalent qualification; and a credit in Mathematics at the SPM level or its equivalent.


Passed SKM Level 3 (Level 3, MQF) that has received full accreditation recognition from MQA or other accreditation bodies recognized by the Government of Malaysia in the related field (PPT is required to carry out screening and relevant strengthening programs* corresponding to the program field)

*The duration of the strengthening program shall not exceed one year or two academic semesters of study.

Passing the Malaysian Skills Certificate (SKM) (Level 3, MQF) is subject to the decision of the Senate / Academic Board of the respective Institution.


To meet the minimum requirements of the Standard Program / requirements of the professional body / MQA recommendations in force for student intake during that period;


Other qualifications recognized as equivalent by the Government.

Any changes to the Standard Program / requirements of the professional body / MQA recommendations will apply only to new cohorts of students.

The implementation of the entry qualification requirements based on this Standard Program / requirements of the professional body / MQA recommendations is applicable as stipulated in the circular of the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) at the time of enforcing the application of a particular Standard Program / requirements of the professional body / MQA recommendations.


Programme Structure



Semester 1    
  Malay Language for Communication 1 / Pengajian Malaysia 3
  Introductory English 2
  Computer Application 2
  Introduction to Database 3
  Introduction to Multimedia 3
  Introduction To Management 3
  Total credit hours 16
Semester 2    
  Bahasa Kebangsaan A 2
  *Not Credit (C) in BM SPM must take Bahasa Kebangsaan A  
  Thinking Skills 2
  Business Communication 3
  Business Mathematics. 3
  Computer System Architecture 3
  Introduction to Computer Programming 3
  Elective 1  
  Total credit hours 16
Semester 3 Pembangunan Masyarakat 1 2
  Siswaniaga 1  
  Business Writing 2
  Entrepreneurship 3
  Business Computing 3
  Introduction to Information System Security 3
  Total credit hours 13
Semester 4 Constitution and Society 2
  Pembangunan Masyarakat 2 2
  Siswaniaga 2  
  Introduction to System Analysis & Design 3
  Computer System Maintenance 3
  Discrete Mathematics 3
  Elective 2 3
  Total credit hours 16


Semester 5 Introduction to Operating System 3
  Network and Communication 3
  Computer Ethics 3
  Java Programming 3
  Total credit hours 12


Semester 6 Emerging Issues and Technology in Automotive Industry 2
  E-Commerce 3
  Computing Project 4
  Elective 3 3
  Total credit hours 12


Semester 7 Internship 4
  Total credit hours 4


Career Prospect

  • IT Officer
  • IT Project Coordinator
  • IT Sales Engineer
  • Multimedia Consultant
  • Web Designer
  • Webmaster
  • Network Engineer
  • Systems Engineer
  • Systems Administrator
  • Database Administrator