Alumni’s involvement is considering as one of the important factor in order to maintain and expanding the development of university. By establishing a platform that facilitates bonding among alumni with students and universities, it has benefited greatly in enriching the student experience while they are in the university. Each Alumni had faced difference and unique experience while studying in university thus there is the potential for each Alumni to contribute to the university in various ways and scale.



To be an effective Alumni management and development centre.



Plan, manage and implement alumni management and development activities based on good quality work practices.


Role of Alumni Relation Unit

Alumni Relation Unit has been created to be a platform for Alumni networking. The main role of the unit is to collect and update Alumni information data and as a channel for Alumni partner to interact with each other.

Among the main roles of the Alumni Relations Unit are as follows:

  1. Establishing a friendly relationship between the University and the Alumni through planned and structure activities.
  2. Establishing continuous relationships for the progress of the University and Alumni for the wellbeing of universities, students and communities.
  3. Strengthen Alumni collaboration in various fields through the contribution of ideas and expertise as well as the implementation of professional development programs.
  4. Coordinate alumni activities and work closely with Student Affairs Department and faculty.


Successful Graduate

Total of Alumni         : 1864 Graduates

1st Convocation        – 140 Graduates

2nd Convocation       – 347 Graduates

3rd Convocation        – 230 Graduates

4th Convocation        – 440 Graduates

5th Convocation        – 707 Graduates


Executive In charge ;


Cr. Ataullah Bin Anas

Counselling, Career and Alumni Unit


Nurul Syazwani Binti Che Mat Roplan

Admin Assistant
Counselling, Career and Alumni Unit


Official Email :