On behalf of the Board of Governors, Management and Staff of DRB-HICOM University of Automotive Malaysia, let me welcome all of you to our university.

As one of the nation’s few industry-backed university, our boutique university offers more than 25 different programs to suit your educational and tertiary needs.  Built upon the strength of two main faculties, our programs are tailored to the specific needs of the industry.  Being part of the DRB-HICOM conglemerate, our commitment to excellence in providing quality education is of paramount importance to you, as our stakeholders.  Ensuring continous alignment to the industry practice by having numerous engagement in research, consultancy, internships and other collaborative works are manisfestation of our committment.

The university offers various modes of delivery from its campus situated in the heart of the DRB-HICOM Automotive Complex in Pekan, Pahang.  The close proximity to the industry provides a perfect ambience for students to have an early feel of the industry especially in the automotive eco-system.  In addition, we have also embarked into blended and distance learning delivery to cater for the life-long learners with passion to continuing education without living their workplace.   The university also provides eligantly customised micro-credential short programs to suit the needs of the life-long learners.

To some of you who will be in Pekan for the first time, the community has a lot to offer.  The Royal Town of Pekan and its vicinity offers a lot of attractive places for you to visit.  The Pahang River flows behind the campus before making its journey into the South China Sea.

Please take your time to sample the places and we hope you will enjoy your stay at DRB-HICOM University.

Warmest regards,

Prof. Dato’ Sr. Dr. Omar Osman

Vice Chancellor